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 Hello and welcome! 

My name is Gavin Bottrell and I live in Warwickshire in the United Kingdom. I started collecting old golf clubs and playing hickory golf in 1998. In 2020 I turned my hobby into my full-time occupation. 


See details about my Par 3 Hickory Golf Champs on Saturday 20th August 2022. 


My business is concerned with:

* Selling hickory golf clubs  

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* Hiring out sets of clubs for events



* Replica Clubmaking & Restoration



* I sell other things ...  



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Why is it called Hickory Golf ?

Hickory wood comes from the North American continent. In the early 1800s golf clubmakers in Scotland started using it for golf club shafts, as it has better mechanical properties than the indigenous ash wood. Up until 1929 only wood shafted clubs could be used in competitions in the United Kingdom. Within a few years metal tubular shafts meant the old hickory shaft was defunct. In the 1980s golf collectors in the USA and UK formed golf collecting societies and before long they started to wonder what playing golf was like with the clubs they'd acquired. Since then the playing of "Hickory Golf" has spread far and wide as golfers rediscover the game as it was played in times' past. To travel back in time and play golf as it was the golden era of the 1920s is a fantastic experience. Sets of the period consist of half the number of clubs compared to modern sets. This usually results in golfers taking the longer club rather than forcing a shorter one.....which, unsurprising to many, means they are normally pin high rather than short! Whilst hickory clubs are robust (after all they've survived this long) they reward players that have good rythm rather than brute strength. And with only seven clubs making up a normal set they can be carried in a slim-line bag on the shoulder with ease. 

Whether you're just dipping your toe in the waters of hickory golf, or your an experienced player, you'll find something for your bag, or collection on this site. 

Here's what makes a typical 1920s period hickory golf set. 

1. A Driver 

2. A Brassie Wood (3 or 5 wood)

3. A Mid Iron (5 iron)

4. A Mashie (7 iron).

5. A Mashie-Niblick (9 iron) 

6 A Niblick (Gap Wedge). 

7. A Putter. 

These are approximations to modern clubs are every hickory golf club is unique. Lofts and lies were adjusted by the local professional to suit their customers and golfers took pleasure in seeking out clubs with shafts that felt just right for them. In this respect modern hickory golfers will often emabark on the same quest .... and no matter whether you're seeking a single hickory club, or a fully matched set, I can help. Have a browse of my shop ... and if you need the loft or lie angle altered to suit you this can be done at no extra cost. If your stature demands that you play with longer than average clubs this can also be done for you with hickories. Whatever your hickory golf requirements please don't hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Hickory Golf Life

Some things I love...

* The thrill of finding, restoring and bringing back to life an old hickory golf club. 

* Introducing people to the pleasure of hickory golf and seeing their face when they hit a good shot with an old antique golf club. 

* Seeing something to do with golf history that I've never seen before. 

Contact me if you need advice on anything related to Hickory Golf. 

Gavin Bottrell

07708 661 659 (UK mobile)



Hickory Golf  Blog

 14th March 2022. Just finished putting together a set of playable hickory golf clubs ...all made by Halley of London. 


Eleven clubs in all , which is about the largest you'll need playing hickory golf. Comprises:


Brassie Wood

Sammy Iron




Deep face mashie






hickory golf woods

Hickory Golf Blog 

3rd March 2022 : One of my favourite sets of hickory golf irons that I build up and refurbished ready for play over the last few months. If you're looking for a nice set of hickory clubs please drop me an email.  info@timewarpgolf.com 

Please note these clubs now sold...they don't stay in stock long when they are this nice ! 

hickory golf woods

Hickory Golf  Blog

 14th Feb 2022 : I've just been renovating a set of three woods that were made by Peter McEwan , the pro at Southport GC. There is a Driver, a Brassie and a Spoon. A slight drawback..the heads on these hickory clubs are a lttle on the small side for regular hickory golf, plus two of them have tiny hairline splits in them....they are lovely display clubs but sadly I feel their playing days are behind them. They are listed on eBAY for sale for a bargain price. click to view


hickory golf woods