Hickory Golf Clubs & Antique Golf Balls for Players & Collectors

Hickory Golf Club Restorations

I have been renovating and restoring hickory golf clubs to a playable standard, or for display purposes, since 1998. 

My services include:

* Re-gripping all types of clubs

* Re-shafting woods, irons and putters using selected hickory shafts

* Swingweighting clubs

* Adjusting loft and lie angles

* Replacing horn and lead sections

* Re-whipping 

* Re-staining, varnishing and polishing

If you have any clubs of need restoration please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss the possibilities. My rates are extremely competitive and all work is undertaken in good time.

A hickory Driver and Brassie in need of some restoration


Fully restored ready for play


Some images showing restoration work that I've carried out. 

Making museum quality replicas of the rarest golf clubs

In 2007 I decided to make a playable hickory shafted golf club in the long nose style. I took things slowly and I was thrilled with the result. Since then I have made a considerable number of clubs. Some have been shaped according to my own designs, whilst others have been copies of priceless clubs that are on display in major museums. 

My speciality is recreating pre-1800 clubs. I own an extremely rare wooden head that dates from the mid-1600s, known as a Schotse Kliek (translated from Dutch it means "Scottish Club"). I have made copies of this unique head for advanced collections, in both right and left-handed variants.  

A replica Schotse Kliek next to the original which dates to about 1650. 

I have made a number of copies of the Troon Clubs. These are the oldest known set of clubs and it is believed they date from the early 1700s. The originals are on display in the British Golf Museum in St.Andrews, Scotland. I'm lucky enough to say that I have handled the originals - a tremendous thrill !

Two of the original Troon Clubs, photographed by me. 

Each head is stamped six times with an intricate stamp, in a shape called a lozenge. 

The following image show copies made by me. 

I have also made copies of woods from the era of the feather golf ball (pre1850).  Below are images showing a playclub (driver) from the early 1800s next to a copy that I've made. The replica is the one with white paint on the face; used to hit replica feathery golf balls. 

Some more replicas of extremely valuable and rare clubs hand crafted by me. The first is a copy of a putter made by Simon Cossar of Leith in the late 1700s. 

A replica left-handed long nose putter by Tom Morris together with a replica hand hammered golf ball. 

Hickory Golf Workshop 

Some more clubmaking images.

If you have some hickory clubs in need of restoration or repair....or you'd like a museum quality replica of a priceless golf club please contact me - I'd love to hear from you.  


Gavin Bottrell

07708 661 659 (UK mobile)